Farewells and Donations

Nicks Funeral was held at the St Lukes Church in Greytown  on Friday, the 20th of April, 2001 at 1:00 pm.  Many thanks to all those that attended - it was a very special service for a very special person.  The mini-wake that occured in Mt View, California at the same time was also well enjoyed.

For those in the US, Kevin Sheehan will be holding a memorial service  at  Castle Rock when appropriate.  Please email kevin@joltin.com for  more  details.

If you wish to send cards, please send them to:
Dorothy and Edward Gridley,
58 Kipling Road,
New Zealand.

Ian has provided details of how to get hold of the Search and Rescue groups for any donations you might have. In his words:
The main players (guys who put there lives on the line) in the rescue are the Christchurch ACR (Alpine Cliff Rescue) people.  These guys are often poorly funded  and often get money from the Police ACR fund and or donations. They often use/loose/abuse their own gear to do rescues.

Some info on this: