Some of those truly unique things that Nick was renown for

When training for Caving an rope work, Nick opened the hatch into his roof (that was in his dining room) and strung various climbing rope of the rafters of the roof that hung down through the hatch into his dining room.  This was so that he could practice rope work at home in his free time.  The ropes hung down infront of the main entrance to his home, and provided a "talking point" to visitors to house - gregc

Nick accepted the role of tutor for an X25 course at Sun on day.  X25 is non-trivial at the best of times, but Nick for some time considered cutting one of the wires in one of the X25 crossover cables to help the class learn debugging skills.  Eventually, we convinced him that this was probably somewhat unfair on X25 learners, and he took the course without the additional "debugging" tool. - gregc

A Nick quote on the subject of spectator sports and participation: "The only sports worth watching are those where you can get off your arse and do  it yourself." - ColinB

Nick was the only caver I knew who would turn up at the caving hut, ready for a weekend of caving, with a laptop & palm pilot amongst his gear. - ClaireH