Words and Feelings
How Nick touched our lives

Almost the last thing that anyone would ever accuse Nick of was following fashion - he was an individual.  Uncompromising at times (well, actually, I cannot recall any compromises he made in anything he cared about), you really had little option but to know the real Nick.  However, the real Nick was a very special person, genuine, caring, humourous, unique, competent (a trait remarkably rare these days), and all round good person.  He truly packed a complete life into a short time, and he never seemed to be closing on any peak, be it work, play or personal achievement.

Here are some of the words and feelings of  those whose lives Nick touched thoughout his time amongst us.

Funeral Speeches
Jim Wareing
Jim Bicknell
Greg Calkin

Memories of  Nick
John Rushworth
Stuart McGrigor
Lisa Napier
Colin Sanson